Antidote Care is safekeeping you as a whole person with Comprehensive Health Assessment Tools - (CHAT). We focus on the biopsycosocial aspects of your health.  Integrating Body, Mind & Social-Spiritual with dedication: small steps, biggest successes.


Virtually embrace experts guidance in Health and Wellness. You are not alone to achieve your healthy goals, our certified Physicians and Health Coaches (HC) will support and assist you all the way as your Health Guardians. Receive wholeness-oriented remote care.


Virtual Interactive Tool for Aesthetic Learning - (VITAL PUZZLE). "Aesthetic Learning is a way of regaining touch while acquiring something new. Combining Education with Research to create appreciation for all that touches our lives."

Who We Are. What We Do

Antidote definition: A noun that comes all the way to us from the ancient Greek word antidoton, which means “given as a remedy,” an antidote counteracts or relieves the negative effects of something. You can find antidotes to poison, ignorance, anxiety, sadness or even a bad day. People tend to think of medicinal cures when they hear the word antidote, but things like meditation, sleep, sharing, green tea, exercise or a good hug can all have positive, antidotal affects.

“The Antidote is to take full responsibility for yourself – for the time you take up and the space you occupy…”  Action is the antidote to indolence. Let’s get together to counteract any risks to your health with Antidote Care!

How We Are. Where We Go

Our commitment is to build a better and healthier chapter in everyone’s life globally. Antidote Care is a passionate team of creators working side-by-side together and with other partners to ensure the highest possible level of health for all people. We are bringing and delivering conventional and complementary approaches to health and wellness together through revitalizing Integrative Health. We are applying Predictive Medicine to improve health and wellness, reduce costs, and prevent diseases.

With tenacity and diligence of our team we are building trust and recognition. We aim to reach people around the world to place us higher inside the larger and complex organization of health services.

What People Say About Us

"Antidote Care provided us some amazing tools to track and avoid unhealthy patterns. Their devotion for your health is Priceless!"
Antidote Care Testimonials Fitness Trainer
Fitness Trainer
"You have to meet Antidote Care Team. They are an energetic crew aiming for a better health for all of us. I am very happy with the end result!"
Antidote Care Testimonials Blogger
"Antidote Care developed a well-formulated healthy plan for me when I struggled with depression. Huge thanks!"
antidote care testimonials depression
"What a blast was having this Team in our lives. They have endless suggestions and supports for you and your family."
Antidote Care Testimonials Married
Gwenn & David
Newly Parents

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