Care Evolution: Antidote to Health Crisis

antidote care health crisis

Care Evolution: Antidote to Health Crisis


Care Evolution, we need a clear solution instead of a temporary wedge to break our failing health care.


I would love to introduce our first “Care Evolution” post sharing this excellent article I refer to from the Harvard Business Review (HBR) library titled “The Antidote to Fragmented Health Care”.

This discussion starts with a bitter case presentation where an aged female patient broke her elbow and had a successful orthopedic surgery. Thereafter, during the healing stage in an institution, she went through a course of eventful and preventable health catastrophes. Her reality is yet the rule rather than the exception in the United States.

We wish to revitalize a holistic and integrated-care approach for a stronger patient-centered healing service to diminish any individual's needs. “This results from a system that’s still largely focused on the historic way clinicians deliver care (by sites of care and by specialty) rather than by how people should receive care (centered on each person, their individual conditions, where and how they live, and the family and friends who support them).”

"America's health care system is in crisis precisely because we systematically neglect wellness and prevention." - Tom Harkin

Integration is crucial during periods in our lives when we really need health care the most: 'health care moments' such as birth, death, the diagnosis of cancer, or the need for surgery. These are moments marked by pain, suffering, excitement, confusion, and concern. They are endured individually and by whole families and communities. They involve frequent visits to hospitals and clinics and interactions with a range of providers. These are the moments when patients and families crave a system where the funders and providers are working together to offer whole-person and whole-family care.”

“Aim for health: Every system is perfectly designed to get the results getting. Our health care system produces health care, not health.  If we measure and reward health outcomes and health improvements (Did you feel better, have less pain, and enjoy a higher quality of life after your interaction with the health care system?), we can shift the system to focus on what we truly seek from our health care: better health.”

What a wonderful passage to show, revert and revive the scope to design and expand health and wellness as a countermeasure to the prevailing health disaster. (Read similar alarming news about Opioid Epidemic)

We would like to conclude with the following quote: “If you have a vaccine or an antidote (or a remedy) that humans can enjoy, you will not want to keep it to yourself. You will want to spread that wisdom or whatever to as many individuals as you can, so everybody can enjoy it.”

Please let us consider what you foresee? What are your thoughts and opinions about integrated-care? And, please take this ticket with us for this Care Evolution passage to uncover the Antidote to Unhealthy Life.

Want to read the full article? 

Hendry Perez-Pascual, M.D
Editor and Founder - Antidote Care

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