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Discover the Secrets of Success in Residency with this valued eGuidebook. This survival guide will walk you through all the steps in this process. My final goal is to inspire and empower you with my testimony of how I’ve gone from an uneven struggling track to a triumphal path in residency.

Human-centered Connected Care; the Antidote to Unkind Healing Scars

Human-centered Connected Care

Human-centered Connected Care; the Antidote to Unkind Healing Scars    Scarring can have serious effects, but dermatologists have many ways to help. Whether it’s from sudden trauma, scheduled surgery or serious acne, scarring can have a profound impact on patients. While some may consider scarring to be a cosmetic concern, it can really affect patients’ …

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Disruptive Innovation; the Antidote to Unevolved Healthcare?

Disruptive Innovation Antidote

Disruptive Innovation; the Antidote to Unevolved Healthcare?       The evolution of health care systems in the United States can come to a standstill once in a while, prove to be too slow or appear non-existent at times. A lot of questions have been understandably asked about what needs to be done in order to successfully …

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Massive Shooting Antidote, The School or the Parents?

massive shooting antidote

We don’t have to agree on what leads to a massive shooting — we just have to agree that we need to fix the dilemma of mass shootings. Americans need not to realize how to explain the complexity of this dilemma — people just need to insert their finest tends to solving it. While we might not be able to say for certain whether this approach is going to be what finally puts an end to this dreadful act, attacking it at its very root seems like the most viable antidote to tragic loss of lives. What are your thoughts? What would be a possible Antidote or Solution to this devastating problem? Let’s us know, subscribe and comment below. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Antidote to solve the healthcare puzzle.

artificial intelligence antidote

Artificial Intelligence (A.I) eludes the imagination – how could well-qualified providers will redesign complete healthcare systems soon? How it will further impact the life of the ‘average doctor’ positively? This is a fascinating illustration of intellectual rigidity – the resistance to modifying one’s thinking or beliefs, or just a tenacious adherence to our comfort zone. The acceptance of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare is on the rise and solving a range of problems for the healthcare industry overall. What are your thoughts when you see the latest news on information technology? What is your reaction when you hear about new health innovations

Physicians and Finances: stride to shift from a Debtor to Doctor?

Physicians and Finances

Doctors receive none investment or capital management training while they have been preparing in their careers. We have put together this post intending to give you invaluable free guidance and sources to gain the essential stages that would lead you to financial success. Move from being a Debtor providing pressured care under tremendous financial distress to be what you’re meant to be. A prosperous debt-free Doctor providing excellent care to you, your family and your patients. With these Antidotal Approaches, we are improving the quality of life across-the-board.

Opioid Apocalypses: The worst American Opioid Epidemic.

Antidote Care Opioid Epidemic

“The worst American Opioid Epidemic: declared a Nation Emergency.”
A solution would have to be many things but some things that seem imperative are non-punitive ways of getting people social and medical help (some police departments have started this with mild success but the idea must be further optimized from a medical and law enforcement perspective).

Care Evolution: Antidote to Health Crisis

antidote care health crisis

We need a clear solution instead of a temporary wedge to break our failing health care. “America’s health care system is in crisis precisely because we systematically neglect wellness and prevention.” – (Tom Harkin)
Let’s take a ride together for this Carevolution passage to uncover the Antidote to Unhealthy Life.

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