Massive Shooting Antidote, The School or the Parents?

massive shooting antidote

Massive Shooting Antidote, The School or the Parents? A matter of Pride or Prayers?

The most recent incident has taken school shooting to 212 since the beginning of the new millennium. 148 of these took place in 2010 while there were 36 of it in 2014. These figures indicate that there has been an alarming increase in the number of deaths and injuries that have resulted from massive shooting. While some have blamed the act on despite news fatigue, others have excused it for desensitization to violence. However, the true cause of this tragedy is beyond the comprehension of most people.

An attempt to pinpoint a sole cause of school shootings will not likely yield any productive result. There has always been a mix of suicidal thoughts, anger, despair, and oftentimes, serious mental illness such as depression or schizophrenia involvement in most of the incidents.

Bullying has however been the most commonly cited reason behind US school shootings. Many researchers believe holding on to this can actually be misleading and at the same time, cause distraction from the main issue. In fact, the report of a study carried out by College of Criminology at Florida State University highlighted the fact that numerous bullied students do not resort to violence, and that not all school shooter has been bullied.

With one out of five high school students showing symptoms of mental illness and less than 10% making use of any kind of mental health service, it is getting clearer that addressing mental health disorders is one, if not the most important antidote to massive shooting.

What can be done?

With the low rate in the prevention of the school shooting, there has been a call for better education of students by experts in the field. All around the United States, there are several government-funded educational campaigns currently taking place in classrooms about gun violence. However, school shooting cannot be single-handedly reduced my investing more resources in education, educating the parents is what can, and most likely will.

The popular notion that the upbringing and overall mental health of a child is the responsibility of everyone but the career contributed to the outburst of this violence.

The troubled American school system is limited in time and resources to tackle every issue affecting a child. A single school psychologist is responsible for an average of 1,400 students. A thousand-trained guidance counselor or social worker won't solve a problem that should have been nipped in the bud–at home.

While it is clear that not all children and young adult will have the same mental health issue, there will be a significant impact on the fight against school shooting by working with parents of young adults. Educating parents on child upbringing as well as techniques and methods they can use to recognize risk factors associated with mental health disorders would bring a drastic reduction in the number of untreated cases. Parent will be at the front line of this ongoing battle with mental illness when they learn and understand when and where to seek help, either for themselves or their children.

We don't have to agree on what leads to a massive shooting — we just have to agree that we need to fix the dilemma of mass shootings. Americans need not to realize how to explain the complexity of this dilemma — people just need to insert their finest tends to solving it.

Americans have already learned that disagreeing about the problem resolves nothing. Instead, we need a distinctive method — finding a result. We need to approve gun control and spread love instead of bullets.

While we might not be able to say for certain whether this approach is going to be what finally puts an end to this dreadful act, attacking it at its very root seems like the most viable antidote to tragic loss of lives. What are your thoughts? What would be a possible Antidote or Solution to this devastating problem? Let's us know, subscribe and comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Massive Shooting Antidote, The School or the Parents?”

  1. This’s one of the most controversial topic in US right now. We need to be one country, not divided. We have to keep fighting for a better future. Our students deserves be free and stay safe in the school. We’re US. Never give up, just do it.

  2. This certainly is a sad ongoing problem nowadays. New security policies need to be develop in schools to protect innocent people. We need to be strong, fight and support the families.

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